Lilac Diesel- Aight


Purchase Date- August 30, 2019

Location: Good Chemistry

Type: Sativa

THC: 22.8%

The best part about this flower is it smells fantastic. Otherwise, it’s a pretty okay sativa. I read a lot about the name diesel coming from, well, a diesel-esque quality. I can kind of see it. While the inhale highlights the floral and citrus notes, the exhale is reminiscent of a blow job right after you’ve pumped gas and had a beef jerky, or something.

Additional notes: Plentiful white crystals. Soap and floral taste with a tangerine citrus punch behind the alveolar ridge on exhale. Good potency. A nice, contemplative high, with a lot of up-front energy followed by a mild lethargy, but not much of a physical effect. Did not feel heavy or glued to anything. A fairly functional, creative high if you’re looking to ponder questions lightness or work on your journal. Overall, a feeling of well-being and no noticeable paranoia or feeling of incapacitation when going outside.

Rating: 6/10


Events- Toking up before going to your local coffee shop.

Drink- The light herbal oils from the lilac would pair very nicely with a lemon ginger or rooibos tea.

Food- This would go great with a roast chicken dish, or dishes seasoned with herbes de provence, or Italian seasonings. This would be lovely with a mild couscous or stuffed grape leaves.

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