Blowin’ on Some Collards with Prez and Outlawz

This album is what you expect from something associated with the Dead (Yes, that’s right, I’m calling them that. Because, we do not speak of the other dead, with a lower case d.) This is part sanctimonious audio pulpit, part super heavy beats, part ridiculous lyrics gold mine. No seriously, there are so many awesomely over-dramatic one liners for me to appropriate with my white privilege. I really can’t wait.
Uh, so 2015 was real.- Click album to link to Kali4nya on Amazon Music

^^*^^Note on the above: so, because I’m old and stupid, I didn’t realize that Amazon Prime has a pretty great streaming service included as part of its membership. From now on, I’m going to link through them when I’m sharing music with sound-only media. I’ll also try to include alternative links for those without Prime.

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