White Chocolate Peanut M&M’s- Strange, but Hear Me Out

Of course I put them on a zafu first. They might as well get familiar with it since these are going straight to my ass.

Alright, so I’ve been on a hunt for something called Peanut Jalapeno M&Ms. The Mother Ship told me about them, and I’m going to hit those hard and recklessly, like a drunk New Zealand pigeon.

Yo, so my prowl was weak today, but then bam, Candy Jesus, was like, “Oh child, you close, but not close enough. Have this mana to tide you over on your quest” (He’s black). And then he gave me these white chocolate peanut M&Ms.

Alright, so look, there’s no way around this: white chocolate is basic bitch chocolate. In fact, it’s not even chocolate at all. These are white chocolate m&ms. Insert Law of Transitivity (up top debate team!). White Chocolate Peanut M&Ms are for basic fucking bitches. But you know what? The half-empty bag next to me tells me a lot about who I am right now. A basic fucking bitch. And I like it.

So the deal is this: I don’t know if I’d snack on these all day, but these would be soooooo good thrown in with some Moose Track ice cream. And yeah, I have a plan. And yeah, I’m going to carry it out. And yeah, there’s going to be a blog post about it.

What else do you think these nugs would sprinkle well on? Do please let us know in the comments, good sirs and madams.

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