Sunday Sesh- Music: Shallou’s “Doubt” (Summer Edit)

So, Sunday is just about unwinding for me today. A post on Saturday’s “shenans” will issue later after my coffee worship. Anyway, I’m like 30 minutes into a light braising of Mandarin Cookie, and online shopping and then…

Enter Shallou’s “Doubt” (Summer Edit). Off an Amazon music playlist entitled “Relaxing Indie Electronic,” this song is just an absolute pleasure. It’s most notable characteristics are its soothing feel and notes of nascent effervescent optimism that are probably just me projecting, but whatever… A nice choice for a background music playlist. I’ll be interested to explore Shallou’s discography which seems promising for pairing with creative and relaxing projects.

Link to the artist’s website:

Link to Amazon Music Player for this Song

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