GG#4-aka Gorilla Glue

Type: Hybrid, sources vary as to whether this is a 50/50 hybrid or a sativa-dominant hybrid.

Dispensary: Lightshade

THC: Internet guides have this at a massive 32%. The variety I picked up, however, was labeled at 20.27%, which is actually much more my speed.

Analysis: This is that good business, and I’m into it. The hit is really, really nice out of a glass bowl. This is thicc, both off the look of the buds and the feel in the mouth. It’s full bodied but mellow. There’s a little lemon, but it’s not sharp, kind of smooth like laffy taffy. There is a little bit of diesel you really pick up on with a deep inhale, but it’s not overwhelming. There rest of the taste is pretty neutral, it’s kind of just there. If I had to describe hitting this, I’d say it’s like getting with a hook up you’ve had down on the casual for years.This is all relaxed. This is Sunday night jazz and a velvet couch.

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