The Big Moon- Your Light

Two things:

  1. I first heard this on Spotify, and it was a different experience with no video. Don’t watch the video. Just listen to the music with your eyes closed. The sound is so lush, and there’s something that sort of reminds me of Shiny Toy Guns, but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is.
  2. About that video: I broke down laughing about half way through this when I realized that absolutely nothing had happened, was happening, or was going to happen in this video. It’s literally just them riding bikes on a path. There is nothing happening here. Even the landscape… Did they film this in the Netherlands’ most boring field?* Why would you make a video of this? This wasn’t even choreographed. The only thing that’s remotely entertaining about this video is the band member with the glasses. I feel like if anyone was responsible for this inanity, it was her. Just look at her. How dare she? Will she apologize?

Good song tho.

*I know this is not the Netherlands. I haven’t gotten any comments on this yet, but I know they’re coming and as god is my witness I will shut that shit down here and now. You know why I said the Netherlands? Because it’s flat, I’m hungry, and I really want a rijsttafel, but they don’t have those in Colorado, and I’m hangry at the Dutch right now.

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