Golden Goat (vape)


Over the last few days I’ve gotten acquainted with this sativa strain. Leafly describes this as a sativa, sativa-hybrid, with a thc range in the high twenties. Before getting into my impressions of this particular variety, I’d like to point out that unlike my other reviews, this strain was consumed by vaping and not through flower fire. On top of that, my only experience with vaping has been with this strain. So take this with a grain of salt as to what was contributing to my experience and impressions.

Let’s get into it:

Golden Goat is a sativa and I have to say the flavor is the stand apart feature that I really like. It has a really nice pineapple flavor with a smooth finish that’s sort of vanilla-like.

Flavor aside, though, I find this strain to be aggressive. Like, unwelcome, in its aggression. After two vape puffs, I felt restless, oddly hyper attentive and subvocally hypercritical of my surroundings, and I also felt very giggly in a way which would be fine alone, but not out in public. I can’t say I really care for this weed on its own, and I would only use it extremely sparingly as a light add-on to something else a bit more relaxed. The paranoia was strong with this too. This also had a slow build in its effects, and I noted a very strong disconnected feeling from my body, which felt more like a robotic appendage attached to my head.

I’ve done a couple of baby puffs in less socially anxious situations since first try. While the effects were much more muted, there was still something very unbalanced and very “wired” about the energy from this strain.

Can’t say I’d go with this again, but that’s what you get when trying all kinds: all kinds of results. And if my experience with this strain changes I’ll be sure to report back.

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