FUEHL- Blue Raspberry Distillate

source: publicinsta.com

THC: 78.8%

CBD: 0.35%

The pros- discreet, sweet tasting, and convenient.

The so-so’s- Pretty neutral effect

The cons- Lack of complexity

So, this was my first distillate experience and it trends neutral-positive. FUEHL distillate cartridges are inexpensive. I paid $14 for one, 500mg preloaded cartridge in the medical section. Keep in mind my dispo usually has very good prices, so I can’t speak to the tag at your local shop, but relative to other products, one advantage to this is definitely cost.

So their blue raspberry is pretty much how it was described to me: it has some of the sativa effects, but without the hyperactive energy or paranoia that can accompany all that. It’s a good afternoon or early evening choice- it won’t get you wired, but it won’t zonk you either.

There is no complexity to this smoking experience. It is straight up like hitting candy. That said, if you need to take this on the go, its delivery method is already by its own virtue, portable. Furthermore, the extremely sweet flavoring makes this very discreet, in that when you vape you won’t smell like Rick James exiting a limo. DL is key. This is nice for a top off when you’re out on the town and you’ve got a bus to catch to run errands. You’re going nowhere too fast, so you might as well enjoy the ride a little relaxed.

Bottom Line: I would definitely keep this in my arsenal, but I will definitely explore other options to see if there is room for improvement. Overall, though, it’s not bad!

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