Tahoe OG Kush

Looks like this belong to “The Nug” but I sourced this from famous cat blog

Type: Indica

Dispensary: Denver Kush Club

THC- ~18%

I really like this strain. It’s nice and fat and it’s just a great, clean smoke. It smells strongly of pine and lemon, like pinesol furniture polish. I bet it’s like getting a hug from Star Jones, before she slimmed down.

Not to say slim people can’t be great huggers, they totally can be. It’s so important you don’t misunderstand me on this. But let’s be real: Plus-size Star hug ftw.

Also Tess from Touched By an Angel can join this hug, because she makes me laugh, like this weed. It’s got a light giddy silliness that goes along with a nice, relaxed body feel. You won’t be glued to anything though, just a frog on a log. Also, you know what? Tess is all shade behind that fake bitch smile she fronts. Who is she judging? Fuck her, actually.*

*I went to The Google to find supporting evidence for my unfounded hatred for Tess… mostly by typing “Tess,” “Touched by an Angel,” and “Bitch.”

And, uh, not only did I find no one else to back me up… it also turns out there is…. how do I put this? more than one Touched by an Angel fanfic just hangin’ out on the web.

I have a fanfic section on this site. Do not go there if you are trying to find Touched by an Angel fanfiction. You will not find it there. You shouldn’t find it anywhere, but for god’s sake you won’t find it here.

So, to resume: Tahoe is pretty cool.

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