Hybrid Strain Review: LSD

source: ilovegrowingmarijuana.com

Strain: LSD

Type: Hybrid

Dispensary: Goodchem, Colfax

THC: 20.8%

When I saw the name of this strain, my interest was immediately piqued. Trying Lisurgic Acid is one of the few things on my bucket list (I’m very goal-oriented), and while that’s not happening today (although it’s not even 8 a.m.), this strain looked like fun in the mean time.

I picked up a one gram pre-roll of LSD from Goodchem to give the thing a shot. Even though I bought it as a joint, I opened it up and smoked it out of a glass bowl. I like the idea of joints, and on a special occasion, sure, but they waste way too much green, and we like the green.

So anyway, LSD fucking rocks, man, but I would NOT leave the coop after smoking this. The body high is pretty intense in an awesome way, but for me, it would be way too much to experience it while trying to function irl. Keep in mind, I’m pretty prone to anxiety, so it might not be a problem for some people.

Instead, it was 2 a.m. and I was ready to go to bed and didn’t care if I stayed up or fell asleep, so I took some good hits and lay in bed listening to traditional Chinese music with the lights out.

Impression: After I smoked, I did a couple of mindfulness meditations with one focused on body scanning. I could feel the tips of my fingers in ways I’d never felt before, they were bloated and stiff, and before I turned out the lights, I had some visual distortions, that were pretty slight but pretty cool.

Again, this experience was awesome in the context of ‘me in my bed, in my jammies,’ not ‘me on a city bus next to Steve the Sovereign Citizen and Barbara, who knows exactly what she does.’

Alright, so I had a slight pain in my feet, which is interesting because I have neuropathy and previous reviews had mentioned this was good for that. The pain wasn’t too bad, though, it was just sort of there, and I observed it. That part won’t stop me from smoking this again.

The head buzz was a pretty decent brain sizzle off the top of the dome (You know what it is.) I also had some pretty visceral reactions to changes in the music. When the stringed instrument suddenly dropped an octave, it felt like my brain and gut dropped in tandem with it, like we sat next to one another on the same harrowing, flight. It was wild.

10/10- Now that I’ve tried this on the light side, I’m excited to get really into this either late night tonight or Sunday with some Chillstep. I would definitely recommend you try this strain. This is awesome for relaxing and still wanting to be productive.

As an added plus, my fat ass detected no sign of the munchies on this. #Blessed.

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