Cannabis-Induced Depersonalization-Derealization Disorder

Article from American Journal of Psychiatry (Residents’ Journal) on cannabis and a set of potential side effects which can present for any user but to which persons with a history of anxiety are particularly suceptible. All in all, it suggests what has been pretty well known anecdotally: marijuana has variable effects in regulating stress and anxiety and certainly doesn’t act as an effective approach to dealing with the pathogenesis of anxiety disorders. It is simply another form of a ‘band-aid on the blood’ and can even aggravate symptoms of underlying disorders.

I like stuff like this because it’s a good reminder something can have good uses and not be entirely benign. This goes similarly for research on marijuana’s effect on sleep cycles and sleep quality. The conclusions about that are not very convenient to the “marijuana is a cure-all and can do no wrong” model of how the world works.

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