Google is honoring Joseph Plateau today. I did the research for you.

It’s not ideal.

Im sorry you have to see it, but it’s happened now. You’ve seen the birthday boy.

Also, here’s another image of him, which, according to archaeologists, is set into some kind of ancient pimp ring.

Ice man.

Okay, okay, so um, Joe Plateau was a physicist from Belgium, so that’s awesome because Belgium is choice and everyone knows that. Otherwise, I don’t really know anything about his optical illusion trick that he’s supposedly famous for, and I don’t really care, because I’m not an eye doctor. From what I can tell, though, that’s pretty much all he did from my sources (which is one). In fact, his wikipedia page may have been a joke. I actually don’t know:

Here’s an excerpt:

” Plateau was born in Brussels.[3] His father, born in Tournai, was a talented flower painter.[4] At the age of six the younger Plateau was already able to read, making him a child prodigy in those times. While attending the primary schools, he was particularly impressed by a lesson of physics: enchanted by the experiments he observed, he vowed to discover their secrets someday.[3]

Thank you, Google. I can’t say I’m any more educated, but I am entertained. Oh, and also, that comment earlier about his optics trick being all he ever did, look, I’m just saying it’s no

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