Teddy Swims- “Let Me Love You”

Here are my instant three favorite things about this man:

1) Those dangles- omg I was thinking about dangles the other day and how I might not live to see them work on men as a legit trend. I still don’t think I will, but only because most people don’t look like this guy, who totally pulls it out and pulls it off.*

2) That fabric he is wearing is a must, and I don’t have it, and I am upset.

3) That beard- so lushly textural, and the colors… A van Gogh.

Now that that’s out of the way-

Look, I’m going to be upfront with you: R&B is only appropriate in the bedroom when you’re fucking. At the time I listened to this, however, I was eating dill pickle chips on a chaise. But all that changed.

So I was going to leave the post right there and walk away, but really all I was going to say was that I ended up eating a package of ‘smores Poptarts, and it was perfect in every way: spiritually, emotionally, conversationally… It would have been just another evening,for the two of us, but thanks to Mr Swims, tonight, well, tonight was our night.

*You’re welcome.

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