A non-Terran’s Guide to Thanksgiving

I have done the anthropological research on this holiday for you. Voilà, my findings.

Source: https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving was originally a holiday observed in the United States of America and Canada on Earth that enabled people to celebrate being thankful for what they had. It was still celebrated as of the 2370s.

…In 2266, the crew of the USS Enterprise were prepared to celebrate Thanksgiving. Captain Kirk was irritated because there was not any turkey on board the ship; the crew was going to have to eat meatloaf instead. Kirk was later informed that, while in the ovens, the meatloaf mysteriously transformed into turkey. This transformation was caused by Charles Evans, a boy with incredible powers. (TOS: “Charlie X“)

In 2372Benjamin Sisko invited the entire senior staff of Deep Space 9 to Thanksgiving dinner. The captain had been growing vegetables for months to serve at the dinner. A year laterMichael Eddington told Sisko that he thought his former commanding officer had added too much tarragon to the stuffing. (DS9: “Blaze of Glory“)


So my takeaway from studying the above passages about this regional Earth tradition is that it had something to do with a minor Divinity miraculously transforming meatloaf into turkey to feed the hungry.

While the source is not totally clear, meatloaf is made from ground meat, presumably of any type. If this was turkey meat, then this would have been a turkey ground down and reconstructed as a loaf of meat bread, then subsequently re-deconstructed and re-reconstructed into a turkey form.

Thanksgiving therefore is essentially an Earth holiday about the endless cycle of death and rebirth. Destruction and creation. See also: Lord Shiva.

A Guided Meditation for Dealing with Difficult Emotions


Life is always in flux. Every thought, feeling, and moment is quickly changing into the next. In the moment, when something feels difficult, it seems like it will never pass. The practice is learning how to stay with and turn toward the difficulty.

Carley Hauck at mindful.org reviews the benefits of sitting with your emotions and training your own ability to be present with difficult emotions. Click here to read why and how to do this. Here you’ll find a quick ten minute guided meditation as well. Use it as a guide for working in this area. Keep it if ever you need that extra centering: something or someone to bring you back into the moment so you can focus your mind grapes* long enough to handle your biznass.

*If you do not recognize this reference, your practice is incomplete. (j/k, but 30 Rock is a great show.)

Alan Watts tells you how to turn work into play

Very cool to find this video. I’ve never seen this footage before, or heard this “lecture,” as it were.

“The art of washing dishes is that you only have to wash one at a time. If you’re doing it day after day, you have it in your mind’s eye an enormous stack of filthy dishes which you have washed up in years past, and an enormous stack of filthy dishes you will wash up in years future. But if you bring in your mind the state of reality, which is…this is where we are, there is only now… you only have to wash one dish. It’s the only dish you’ll ever have to wash: this one. You ignore all the rest. Because in reality, there is no past, and there is no future.”


Two old friends met for dinner.

“How’s that husband of yours? Is he still unemployed?”

“No, no, not anymore.”

“Oh well some good news at least. What does he do now?”

“Now he meditates.”

“Meditates! What’s that?”

“I’m not sure, but it’s better than sitting around doing nothing.”



Colorado: Memories in Denver

Follow the link below to a story in a series by benmc47 :


A really touching part in a larger series that’s worth checking out. Besides the beautiful sentiments expressed, there are wonderful bits about the history of Colorado and Denver. Denver’s Asian communities have some pretty remarkable stories that I suspect are overlooked by the greater metro community as a whole, sadly to our detriment.

A Boy and His Dog is a piece of cinematic aggression.

The whole goddamned movie is on Youtube.

Something possessed me to re-watch this bizarre 1975 cult classic in the wee hours this morning, and I feel like I need to say something about this oeuvre.

Basically, this is the third time I’ve watched this movie, and my experience has gone something like this:

1st time- “Wow, this movie is crazy as fuck, and makes me really rather uncomfortable. “

2nd time- “Okay, I mean, budget-wise I’m pretty sure they had like one, maybe two hobo benefactors, and maybe a really sad yard sale, but credit where credit’s due. They made do with the money they had, and there’s actually something to this.”

3rd time- “This movie is a trenchant critique of the human condition laid bare in societal collapse. Every criticism you have of this film exposes only your ignorance.”

Seriously, you’re missing out on this weird af movie, so definitely consider it the next time you don’t mind watching something a little more, uh, difficult. According to The Portalist the short story on which the film was based also served as muse to the creators of the Fallout franchise. As we all know, Fallout is trill as hell, therefore, trillness by association.*

*I speak with some authority on the subject. I wrote this sentence on the couch while eating Barbecue Pringles at seven in the morning. I know cool. This is success.