A Boy and His Dog is a piece of cinematic aggression.

The whole goddamned movie is on Youtube.

Something possessed me to re-watch this bizarre 1975 cult classic in the wee hours this morning, and I feel like I need to say something about this oeuvre.

Basically, this is the third time I’ve watched this movie, and my experience has gone something like this:

1st time- “Wow, this movie is crazy as fuck, and makes me really rather uncomfortable. “

2nd time- “Okay, I mean, budget-wise I’m pretty sure they had like one, maybe two hobo benefactors, and maybe a really sad yard sale, but credit where credit’s due. They made do with the money they had, and there’s actually something to this.”

3rd time- “This movie is a trenchant critique of the human condition laid bare in societal collapse. Every criticism you have of this film exposes only your ignorance.”

Seriously, you’re missing out on this weird af movie, so definitely consider it the next time you don’t mind watching something a little more, uh, difficult. According to The Portalist the short story on which the film was based also served as muse to the creators of the Fallout franchise. As we all know, Fallout is trill as hell, therefore, trillness by association.*

*I speak with some authority on the subject. I wrote this sentence on the couch while eating Barbecue Pringles at seven in the morning. I know cool. This is success.

The Man in the High Castle Season 4 Premieres Nov. 15

If you haven’t seen this show, November 15th gives you a week to get your shit together and watch the first three seasons. I don’t like shaming people for not having seen a show, and I’m not saying you’re a loser if you haven’t, but people are talking.*

*It’s okay if you haven’t seen it because you were watching The Expanse. That’s a Hall Pass.

PlayStation 5 pre-Xmas 2020 Release Announced!

I’m not saying this bullshit gets peddled every other fiscal quarter by Sony, but if they’re not complete liars, then indeed this is the merriest of Halloween’s and the ghouls have smiled upon us. What a treat!

Actually let’s wait for the price before we call it a treat. But I mean, is price really important? I mean, maybe when discussing petty theft and larceny. They didn’t go over that in GTA night school.

The point is, we all know I’m going to get one, it’s just a question of whether I’m going to have to redraft my will in order to kill zombies, pick up digital hookers, and force choke my enemies. The.Essentials.People.

(’tis a simple life, but a life.)

28 Gift Ideas for Creative People in Your Life (2019 Guide) — Super Shock Gaming Zone

Gifts for creative people seem to have a bit more pressure attached to them, don’t they? Because it’s always those same creative people who seem to have the absolute best gift ideas for the rest of us. But never fear! Today, we’ll remove the pressure of finding gifts for creative people this holiday season by……

28 Gift Ideas for Creative People in Your Life (2019 Guide) — Super Shock Gaming Zone

Some good ideas for “those people” in our lives. The Rocketbook reusable notebook looks tight as hell and it’s right around $20-$25. (Some reviewers also suggested the Elfinbook variety too, if you’re looking for something a little larger.)

Happy shopping!

England Votes for Favourite Tree. 1,000 Year-Old Liverpudlian Oak to Rep Country at 2020 European Tree Contest… for real.

This Ancient Oak Has Just Been Voted England’s Favorite Tree for Its 1,000-Year Legacy of Luck

Yo, this tree is so old it hung out with William the Conqueror. Okay, well, probs not since he didn’t storm the beaches of Liverpool, but, they probably saw each other at M&S on the weekends.

Also, pro fact- the Battle of Hastings wasn’t fought at Hastings. It was fought near the town of Battle. Battle of Battle, innit?