Can A Judge Tell A Coloradan On Probation Not To Consume Medical Marijuana? The Colorado Supreme Court Is Now Facing That Question

This is going to be a really interesting debate to follow folks. In other parts of the United States, according to the article:

“Washington state… in 2014 the state stopped testing parolees for marijuana use all together, granting them the right to use legal marijuana like any other citizen — something Colorado doesn’t even allow. Rhode Island explicitly allows for medical marijuana use while serving probation, and an Arizona supreme court decision from 2015 bars prosecutors and courts from denying medical marijuana access as a term of probation.”

DP: Colorado ranked among the highest in the country in employment measures for refugees, immigrants

The Post’s Saja Hindi continues: “Twenty percent of arriving refugees have a bachelor’s degree or higher,’ Taintor said, ‘and many have specialized skills … officials want to make sure they’re able to help them enter their career fields and add to Colorado’s workforce in a meaningful way.

That’s where programs like Emily Griffith’s come in.

The college has served 220 refugees and immigrants in its CAREERS program … with the majority from Burma, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bhutan and Congo, said Tiffany Jaramillo, manager and career navigator for the college’s Refugee and Immigrant Integration program.

That’s dope. That’s what an ally does.

Let’s be allies to everyone.

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