Former Broncos Endorse Cannabis At New Dispensary


Source: The Joint

CBS4 Denver: Former Broncos Endorse Cannabis At New Dispensary

“Three former Denver Broncos running backs came together last week to support cannabis as an alternative for health management at the grand opening of a new Denver dispensary.

Reuben Droughns, Tatum Bell, and Lendale White signed autographs last week at the debut of The Joint at 4745 West 38th Avenue.”

You can joke about how times must be tough, or these guys are just really huge stoners with the chillest endorsement deal ever. I did.

On the other hand, at least they’re using their fame to endorse something locally grown, natural, safe, and fun, and not, you know, multinational sweatshop conglomerates.


Dispensary Review: Good Chemistry (Colfax, Denver)



330 East Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO 80203
Mon–Sat: 8am-9:45pm, Sun: 10am-9:45pm

Things to know: Rec AND Med. Cash only.

  • Centrally located
  • Busy
  • Good selection
  • Reasonable prices

Friend took me here on a Friday after work. The receptionist was nice and she was quick to greet us and check our IDs. There was no wait and we went straight in. They were doing a brisk business, but hey, it’s Friday afternoon, what do you want? There’s an ATM at the end of a hall at the back of the sales floor.

They had a good selection of flower from their own grow to range products, which could come from any number of producers in the area. I got an 1/8th of Lilac Diesel from our helpful budtender, who did a great job of listening to what I was looking for, giving me two options that fit the bill, and a third slightly different option, which is the one I took.

I liked that. That was a classy sale. And a good price too. My 1/8th was regular price $25 before normal rec taxes. That’s very good for a non-member, Friday rec buy.

The only two sad faces I had were that they don’t take credit/debt cards, which I mean, to be fair, would be most dispensaries. On the other hand, LightShade dispensaries do, so… I’m just saying. Someone’s doing it. Why aren’t you? The other sad face was that I don’t know what their deals are, or what any sort of rewards program is like, because I gave my info to sign up at the store, but I never received any sort of text or email. So… that kind of sucks.

You should also know that there was a price change that went into effect on September 6, 2019. Note: Price change.* Some prices went up and some went down. You can read about the new prices here:

Good Chemistry Prices Changes