Ji Gong Spotted on Colfax Today

It may be apocryphal, but by way of Alan Watts, I am informed that the Arabs have a saying about crazy people: Be kind to them. Their souls are with God.

I was walking on Colfax with Dr. Phantomizer today and this older guy who was uh, let’s just call him, “well-worn,” started walking with us and telling us jokes.

I was about to tell him that I was sorry, I didn’t really care for riddles, because, well, I don’t, but he seemed harmless so I just smiled and nodded politely.

And then something remarkable happened.

After the string of jokes and riddles he spouted off with impressive fluency, the man said, with an alarmingly honest earnestness, “Keep at it. Apply yourself, and things will work out. Things will turn out alright.”

And then he gave me a hug. And it was exactly what I needed that particularly shitty day.

It was then I remembered hearing about the notably badass monk Ji Gong who reminds me that gurus come in many forms- the crazy, the drunkard, the strung-out hippie, the quiet one, the dancer, the joker.

That’s really all I have to say about that. So, just remember, and I’m saying this because I know how easy it is to forget: Things are going to be okay. Really.

1UP- Colfax

Source: Westword.com

10/10- Just a cool, different spot to hang. Inexpensive, friendly, and right on Colfax. I would take this over D&B or any other generic adult gaming venue. It’s local, it’s different, it’s fun, it’s cheap, it’s authentic. What else do you want?

Sick spot for arcade games with lots of variety from traditional video games to ski ball and pinball, plus this really dope game that was like an advanced version of playing Twisted Metal Black meets Mario Cart. From a bucket seat that trembles your nethers when your rig lands hard, to a cool lever that does something, this game has everything. It also has a payphone pad embedded into the dash to the left of the steering wheel, which definitely doesn’t do anything but is kind of neat in its surreal displacement from a nearby signifier. What is it doing there? Does it have a purpose without a natural relational bond to something? Is its purpose to be purposeless on purpose? Maybe it’s meant to affirm what we already knew. That without the Other, not only are we absurd and meaningless, we would have no form to which we would be molded, and would be as quiet ether, diffuse and infinite. Has the phone pad figured it all?

Prices- Good. The arcade games are between 25 cents and a dollar. There are ATMs and quarter machines. IDK about drink prices. But on that note- there was zero pressure from the bar staff to order anything, which was kind of cool for someone who was just there to play video games and have a soda.

Pro tip The place is next to a Grateful Dead bar and across the street from a concert venue, so it’s not exactly drawing much attention if you want to get happy outside. But as with all things, try to be cool about it.

Close to- A lot of shit. It’s Colfax. There are a couple of other locations and they do have kitchens. This one does not. To some people it’s important, to others, not so much. If you want food, the downtown location is only a couple of miles from this one, although, and not that Colfax area parking is great, but parking downtown? Fork it over for a parking spot, or pass on through to the burbs, suburbanite visitor. (They’re like beings from another realm, I swear to god.)