Hybrid Strain Review: LSD

source: ilovegrowingmarijuana.com

Strain: LSD

Type: Hybrid

Dispensary: Goodchem, Colfax

THC: 20.8%

When I saw the name of this strain, my interest was immediately piqued. Trying Lisurgic Acid is one of the few things on my bucket list (I’m very goal-oriented), and while that’s not happening today (although it’s not even 8 a.m.), this strain looked like fun in the mean time.

I picked up a one gram pre-roll of LSD from Goodchem to give the thing a shot. Even though I bought it as a joint, I opened it up and smoked it out of a glass bowl. I like the idea of joints, and on a special occasion, sure, but they waste way too much green, and we like the green.

So anyway, LSD fucking rocks, man, but I would NOT leave the coop after smoking this. The body high is pretty intense in an awesome way, but for me, it would be way too much to experience it while trying to function irl. Keep in mind, I’m pretty prone to anxiety, so it might not be a problem for some people.

Instead, it was 2 a.m. and I was ready to go to bed and didn’t care if I stayed up or fell asleep, so I took some good hits and lay in bed listening to traditional Chinese music with the lights out.

Impression: After I smoked, I did a couple of mindfulness meditations with one focused on body scanning. I could feel the tips of my fingers in ways I’d never felt before, they were bloated and stiff, and before I turned out the lights, I had some visual distortions, that were pretty slight but pretty cool.

Again, this experience was awesome in the context of ‘me in my bed, in my jammies,’ not ‘me on a city bus next to Steve the Sovereign Citizen and Barbara, who knows exactly what she does.’

Alright, so I had a slight pain in my feet, which is interesting because I have neuropathy and previous reviews had mentioned this was good for that. The pain wasn’t too bad, though, it was just sort of there, and I observed it. That part won’t stop me from smoking this again.

The head buzz was a pretty decent brain sizzle off the top of the dome (You know what it is.) I also had some pretty visceral reactions to changes in the music. When the stringed instrument suddenly dropped an octave, it felt like my brain and gut dropped in tandem with it, like we sat next to one another on the same harrowing, flight. It was wild.

10/10- Now that I’ve tried this on the light side, I’m excited to get really into this either late night tonight or Sunday with some Chillstep. I would definitely recommend you try this strain. This is awesome for relaxing and still wanting to be productive.

As an added plus, my fat ass detected no sign of the munchies on this. #Blessed.

Tahoe OG Kush

Looks like this belong to “The Nug” but I sourced this from famous cat blog

Type: Indica

Dispensary: Denver Kush Club

THC- ~18%

I really like this strain. It’s nice and fat and it’s just a great, clean smoke. It smells strongly of pine and lemon, like pinesol furniture polish. I bet it’s like getting a hug from Star Jones, before she slimmed down.

Not to say slim people can’t be great huggers, they totally can be. It’s so important you don’t misunderstand me on this. But let’s be real: Plus-size Star hug ftw.

Also Tess from Touched By an Angel can join this hug, because she makes me laugh, like this weed. It’s got a light giddy silliness that goes along with a nice, relaxed body feel. You won’t be glued to anything though, just a frog on a log. Also, you know what? Tess is all shade behind that fake bitch smile she fronts. Who is she judging? Fuck her, actually.*

*I went to The Google to find supporting evidence for my unfounded hatred for Tess… mostly by typing “Tess,” “Touched by an Angel,” and “Bitch.”

And, uh, not only did I find no one else to back me up… it also turns out there is…. how do I put this? more than one Touched by an Angel fanfic just hangin’ out on the web.

I have a fanfic section on this site. Do not go there if you are trying to find Touched by an Angel fanfiction. You will not find it there. You shouldn’t find it anywhere, but for god’s sake you won’t find it here.

So, to resume: Tahoe is pretty cool.

FUEHL- Blue Raspberry Distillate

source: publicinsta.com

THC: 78.8%

CBD: 0.35%

The pros- discreet, sweet tasting, and convenient.

The so-so’s- Pretty neutral effect

The cons- Lack of complexity

So, this was my first distillate experience and it trends neutral-positive. FUEHL distillate cartridges are inexpensive. I paid $14 for one, 500mg preloaded cartridge in the medical section. Keep in mind my dispo usually has very good prices, so I can’t speak to the tag at your local shop, but relative to other products, one advantage to this is definitely cost.

So their blue raspberry is pretty much how it was described to me: it has some of the sativa effects, but without the hyperactive energy or paranoia that can accompany all that. It’s a good afternoon or early evening choice- it won’t get you wired, but it won’t zonk you either.

There is no complexity to this smoking experience. It is straight up like hitting candy. That said, if you need to take this on the go, its delivery method is already by its own virtue, portable. Furthermore, the extremely sweet flavoring makes this very discreet, in that when you vape you won’t smell like Rick James exiting a limo. DL is key. This is nice for a top off when you’re out on the town and you’ve got a bus to catch to run errands. You’re going nowhere too fast, so you might as well enjoy the ride a little relaxed.

Bottom Line: I would definitely keep this in my arsenal, but I will definitely explore other options to see if there is room for improvement. Overall, though, it’s not bad!

Golden Goat (vape)

Source: weedmaps.com

Over the last few days I’ve gotten acquainted with this sativa strain. Leafly describes this as a sativa, sativa-hybrid, with a thc range in the high twenties. Before getting into my impressions of this particular variety, I’d like to point out that unlike my other reviews, this strain was consumed by vaping and not through flower fire. On top of that, my only experience with vaping has been with this strain. So take this with a grain of salt as to what was contributing to my experience and impressions.

Let’s get into it:

Golden Goat is a sativa and I have to say the flavor is the stand apart feature that I really like. It has a really nice pineapple flavor with a smooth finish that’s sort of vanilla-like.

Flavor aside, though, I find this strain to be aggressive. Like, unwelcome, in its aggression. After two vape puffs, I felt restless, oddly hyper attentive and subvocally hypercritical of my surroundings, and I also felt very giggly in a way which would be fine alone, but not out in public. I can’t say I really care for this weed on its own, and I would only use it extremely sparingly as a light add-on to something else a bit more relaxed. The paranoia was strong with this too. This also had a slow build in its effects, and I noted a very strong disconnected feeling from my body, which felt more like a robotic appendage attached to my head.

I’ve done a couple of baby puffs in less socially anxious situations since first try. While the effects were much more muted, there was still something very unbalanced and very “wired” about the energy from this strain.

Can’t say I’d go with this again, but that’s what you get when trying all kinds: all kinds of results. And if my experience with this strain changes I’ll be sure to report back.

GG#4-aka Gorilla Glue

Type: Hybrid, sources vary as to whether this is a 50/50 hybrid or a sativa-dominant hybrid.

Dispensary: Lightshade

THC: Internet guides have this at a massive 32%. The variety I picked up, however, was labeled at 20.27%, which is actually much more my speed.

Analysis: This is that good business, and I’m into it. The hit is really, really nice out of a glass bowl. This is thicc, both off the look of the buds and the feel in the mouth. It’s full bodied but mellow. There’s a little lemon, but it’s not sharp, kind of smooth like laffy taffy. There is a little bit of diesel you really pick up on with a deep inhale, but it’s not overwhelming. There rest of the taste is pretty neutral, it’s kind of just there. If I had to describe hitting this, I’d say it’s like getting with a hook up you’ve had down on the casual for years.This is all relaxed. This is Sunday night jazz and a velvet couch.

Mandarin Cookies


Purchase Date- September 8, 2019

Location: LaConte’s Clone Bar

Type: Sativa Hybrid

THC: Labeled 15-27.5% Listed as 27.5% in-store

So this will be an initial review because I cleared a bit of Lilac Diesel from my bowl right before hitting this. 

First impressions: Yo, this strain is soooooooooooooooooooooooo dope. It went down super light and crip (lol I meant crisp, but it’s pretty crip too) and then just, ugh, it had this fruit and citrus taste, but the citrus isn’t super sharp, it was rounded and sweet like an orange. And there was another flavor, and I was like, it tastes like purple koolaid, but with classy Mexican Coca-Cola sugar, that comes from sugarcane. It tastes better, and it’s better for your health. But that’s not medical advice. Also I know I said purple koolaid, but someone on another site mentioned grape, and I was like yes, exactly. Finally, grape goes back to the crip typo from earlier, because of Grape Street. That’s just history, people. Circle complete.


Additional notes: What do you want? Just go buy this.

Rating: 9.9 / 10 (-.1 for being tainted by diesel.)

Pairings: More mandarin cookies

Activities: Activate the cookie monster.

Drink- Literally, anything.

Food- I would sprinkle this on baby food if I had to.

Lilac Diesel- Aight

source: dudegrows.com

Purchase Date- August 30, 2019

Location: Good Chemistry

Type: Sativa

THC: 22.8%

The best part about this flower is it smells fantastic. Otherwise, it’s a pretty okay sativa. I read a lot about the name diesel coming from, well, a diesel-esque quality. I can kind of see it. While the inhale highlights the floral and citrus notes, the exhale is reminiscent of a blow job right after you’ve pumped gas and had a beef jerky, or something.

Additional notes: Plentiful white crystals. Soap and floral taste with a tangerine citrus punch behind the alveolar ridge on exhale. Good potency. A nice, contemplative high, with a lot of up-front energy followed by a mild lethargy, but not much of a physical effect. Did not feel heavy or glued to anything. A fairly functional, creative high if you’re looking to ponder questions lightness or work on your journal. Overall, a feeling of well-being and no noticeable paranoia or feeling of incapacitation when going outside.

Rating: 6/10


Events- Toking up before going to your local coffee shop.

Drink- The light herbal oils from the lilac would pair very nicely with a lemon ginger or rooibos tea.

Food- This would go great with a roast chicken dish, or dishes seasoned with herbes de provence, or Italian seasonings. This would be lovely with a mild couscous or stuffed grape leaves.